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Positive Thinking Practice Halfsies

Positive Thinking Practice: 3 Ways to Build a Resilient Heart and Mind

I have this co-worker, Johnas. Every day, he arrives to work with a smile on his face. He is kind,…

10 Journaling Ideas For Becoming Your Best You (1)

10 Journaling Ideas for Becoming Your Best YOU

This post was contributed by Verena Freit of All About Glück. Verena is a certified Life & Happiness Coach and…

Woman Looking Out Window Having Trouble Staying Motivated

7 Reasons Why You Have Trouble Staying Motivated

What happens when there’s not someone else or something else standing between you and real, positive change? What happens when you’re…

Woman On A Beach In A Sun Hat

5 Ways to Escape the 9 to 5 Without Starting Your Own Business

Left and right, it seems employees are giving office life the single-finger salute and striking it out on their own.…

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